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Koryo HB 750 Hand Blender (180 W,White)

The Koryo KHB 750 Hand Blender is designed to look as two different personalities, the curvy slim upper end for comfortable and easy handling of the blender, and the monstrous lower end to chop and mix away all that it touches with those blades of stainless steel. General FeaturesThis multi-function Koryo Hand Blender comes with 4 different attachments for whiskers, chopping, blending and cutting of various foods and vegetables.Preparing soups, shakes, sauces and different kinds of mixtures is the way to go, through Koryo Hand Blender. Additionally, the main unit comes with a 750 ml chopping bowl and a 500 ml measuring cup to keep you aware of the quantity.The Koryo KHB 750 comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty and works on a power consumption of 350 W.If you are looking out for a hand blender that actually comes very close to working like a food processor than this hand blender from Koryo is the right appliance for your home. It is bound to do things very easily and very efficiently.


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