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Koryo (KIH-1500) Watt Immersion Heater

Key Features

Power Consumption: 1500 W

Handle Material: Heat proof plastic

Heater Material: Anti-corrosive Material

Heating Element: Hairpin tubular copper

Outer Body Material : Anti-corrosive Material



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Heating water is now as simple as it gets, with the new Koryo KIM 1500 Immersion Heater, and that too within a matter of few minutes. General FeaturesThe Compact body of the Koryo Immersion heater makes it easy to store, while its slim feature, makes it perfect to handle and operate.Also, the design of the body is made to suit the use of the product in a convinient way. The metal coil at the lower end of the Koryo immersion heater transfers heat to the water very quickly. This Koryo Immersion heater works on a power consumption of 1500 W. Designed with hairpin tubular elements this immersion heater facilitates optimum heat transfer for an enhanced performance. To get hot water, you have to simply dip it in a tub, bucket or container of water and switch on the rod.Since it is made from anti-corrosive plastic material and copper with nickel plating, this electric water heater is durable and will function efficiently for long. This electric immersion heater complies with all standards of quality and safety, thus proving to be safe for use at home and even outdoors. Equipped with heat-proof plastic handles, this rod offers you a comfortable and firm grip during use. moreover, you can easily clean and maintain this heater.

Product Specifications

 Colour  Black
. . .
 Mount Type  Heat proof plastic
. . .
 Capacity  Hairpin tubular Copper
. . .
 Outer Body Material  Anti-corrosive Material
. . .
 Tank Material  1500 W
. . .
 Energy Star Rating  220 - 240 V
. . .
 Rust Resistant  One Main unit, Instruction Manual, Warranty Card
. . .
 Multi Function Valve  1 Year
. . .