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Deep Fryer
KHF 2215 
Type: Deep Fryer 
Power: 1425 W 
Capacity: 3.2 Ltr 

MRP:  7990/-

KHF 4415 
Type: Deep Fryer 
Power: 1500 W 
Capacity: 3.2 Ltr 

MRP:  9990/-

KHF 3315 
Type: Deep Fryer 
Power: 1500 W 
Capacity: 2.6 Ltr 

MRP:  5490/-


  About Koryo Deep Fryer

The Healthy Fryer comes with large capacity basket it will be easy to prepare food for the complete family at once Koryo healthy fryer uses high speed air circulation to cook variety of your tasty food in a healthy way with 80% less oil ( few drops of oil is needed in some cases ). All you need to do is place your food ingredients inside the cooking basket with minimal oil ( excess oil with be drained in the below pot ) and set Temperature & Timer. And within few minutes you will have crispy, tasty and healthy food to enjoy with your loved ones. Koryo healthy fryer does not only fryer but also be used for baking, grilling and roasting Along with high speed air circulation technology, this healthy fryer comes with specially designed cooking basket and cooking basket holding pot which helps in circulating the hot air inside the healthy fryer properly for even cooking of the food ingredient. And this way food gets cooked quickly and thoroughly without the use of oil

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