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Koryo is your positive, happy, optimistic and spontaneous friend, who is always there for you, when you need one. A friend who is supportive of your hectic lifestyle, is hassle free, multi-tasking and quick. Who makes your life easier and more enjoyable. But more than just a range of world class appliances, customized to meet your every need and a customer service to match, we bring you opportunities created carefully and thoughtfully, by an expert team to find that little extra time you are looking for, in your everyday life. Let the slow juicer churn a glassful of health for you and the toaster pop up a crisp toast, just the way you like it, just enough time for another song under the shower. While that efficient electric kettle makes your much needed morning brew, grab a few minutes to try on the new shirt you bought the other day. And with the food processor taking care of all the hard work for the delicious meal you will take just a few seconds to whip up, your hands are free for a quick nail paint. Witin these invaluable moments, are the small joys of life for you to enjoy every single day. Now, there is so much More to Life, with Koryo.

  AIR CONDITIONERS: Inverter AC | Portable AC | Split AC | Window AC
  HOME APPLIANCES: Chest Freezers | Emergency Light | Fan | Room Heater | Steam & Dry Iron Vacuum Cleaner | Water Dispensers | Water Heater | Wine Cellar 
  KITCHEN APPLIANCES: Chopper | Electric Cooker | Electric Kettle | Food Processor | Food Steamer | Hand Blender | Healthy Fryer | Induction Cooker | Juicer |
                                 Pop Up Toaster | Microwave Oven | Mixer Grinder | OTG Oven | Sandwich Maker

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